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After John and I heard the answer to that question we managed to pull ourselves up off the floor, treat our concussions and then listen to why alpacas cost what they cost.

The current alpaca industry is based on the sale of quality breeding stock, which commands premium prices. Female alpacas usually begin breeding at between 15 months and 18 months of age, while most males can successfully impregnate (or "settle") a female at about three years. The females produce one baby per year during a reproductive life about 10-12 years or more.

Factors that influence individual alpaca prices include color, conformation, fleece quality and quantity, age, and gender. Females sell for more money on average than males, but herd sire quality males have historically commanded the highest individual prices. Breeders often prefer one alpaca color to another; however the parents' color does not necessarily guarantee a cria of the same color. There are many accepted theories regarding alpaca color heritability, and more research is needed to further our understanding of this issue. Of more importance to most breeders is the overall physical soundness, or "conformation" of the animal. In addition to color, fleece, density, uniformity, fineness, luster and staple length will also affect value. Well-conformed alpacas with superior fleece characteristics sell for higher prices. Alpacas are much like diamonds. The market pays a premium for the finest examples of the breed, and a beauty is also in the eye of the beholder.

The range of value for females has remained fairly consistent during the two decades that alpacas have been available to the public in North America: generally between $12,000 and $25,000. Females with unique attributes and top-notch genetics have been known to sell for $50,000 or more! (Breathe….Breathe…) A Proven top-quality herd sire will typically sell for $20,000 to $50,000, and the very highest quality males with unique characteristics and or exceptional offspring on the ground have sold in excess of $750,000 and more.

Another benefit of owning alpacas relates to the concept of compounding. Savings accounts earn interest, which if left in the account, adds to the principal. Alpaca breeders also witness the effects of compounding over time. Alpacas reproduce almost every year, and about one-half of their babies are females. When you retain the off-spring in your herd, they begin producing babies. This is referred to as "alpaca compounding."

Tax-deferred wealth building is another "alpaca advantage". As your herd grows, you postpone paying income tax on its increasing value until such time as you begin selling the offspring. Most breeders elect to sell all or some of the annual offspring production for practical reasons, such as recovering their initial cash flow, acreage and building limitations, and time constraints.

Alpacas are also fully insurable against theft and mortality. Insurance can be purchased for your stock regardless of age. Average insurance rates are 3.3% of the value of the animal, or $325 for every $10,000 of insurance.

Melody Moon’s Nelson (Jr. Herdsire)

This boy is the perfect example of what Super Nova gives his offspring. Nelson has large bones, is well balanced and is growing in very good proportion. At 10 months since shearing his fleece is 5″ long with very good density and bright shine.

2010 National Elite, Halter, 1st.
2010 LA Deep South, Halter, 1st.
2010 Hi-Plains, Halter, 1st.

ARI: 31861748 Beige

DOB: 4/7/2010

Sire: Super Nova

Dam: Angelica

For Sale $749 SOLD!

Melody Moon’s John’s Lennon (Jr. Herdsire)

John’s Lennon solid bone structure allows him great balance and poise. His long length of staple combined with fineness make him a very attractive package.

1st place National Elite Alpaca Show

1st place LA Deep South Alpaca Show

ARI: 31861793, Bay black

DOB: 11/16/2009

Sire: Goden One

Dam: Chavah

For Sale $699 SOLD!

Isaac’s Ibanez of Melody Moon (Herdsire)

Ibanez just oozes genetics, especially from his sire, Isaac. Isaac is a son of the great Poseidon and their traits show in this junior herd sire. At the 2010 TXOLAN show Ibanez was awarded a blue ribbon! Judge Hibbit said “This alpaca has good bone structure and exhibits consistency throughout his fleece” Come sink you hands into his long, structured, dense fleece and see for yourself. Ibanez is ready to breed!

2010 TXOLAN Halter 1st

ARI: 31478861 Medium Fawn

DOB: 4/21/2009

Sire: Poseidon’s Isaac

Dam: Angelica

For Sale $3,500 SOLD!

Ironman (Herdsire)

Ironman possess strong lineage including his sire Orlando Cloud (Light Silver Gray) and PPeruvian Victor on his sire’s side and PPeruvian Felix on his dam’s side. His dam, Lindsey, is an AOBA Nationals blue ribbon winner herself! Ironman is a tall male with great bone density and dense fleece. He was only shown once and placed third at the 2011 A-OK Blastoff show against some very stiff competition. Ironman deserves a close look by those looking to add the highly sought color of gray to their herd. He has settled several female now and his breeding career is underway. Since his GWAS color champion half brother Triumph is in our breeding program, we can not use Ironman’s genetics.

What a problem to have: Two herdsires from the same dam!

ARI: 31344517, Light Silver Gray

DOB: 6/9/2008

Sire: Emerald Cloud’s Orlando Cloud

Dam: Lindsey

For Sale $875

Absolut Rose Triumph

Triumph’s breeding career is well under way with over 2.5 years of breeding behind him. Triumph’s lineage speaks for his refined characteristics. With Absolute, Don Julio, Felix and Kathryn The Great running through his veins we have witnessed the results in his cria.  His fleece consists of meticulous fine bundles. Judges have commented that breeding trends amongst gray alpacas has improved greatly in color consistency. Triumph is proof of this. Fiber stats for his first fleece reveal: AFD 16.8, SD 3.5, CV 20.8, CF .6. Triumph’s body score is a 5 (On 1-10 scale) when he weighs 150#s. This makes him slightly smaller than Super Nova and by no means a small or compact male.

2006 GWAS Color Champ

2008 GWAS 1st.

2008 Alpacapalooza 2nd.

2008 Heart of the Valley 1st.

2008 AWE 2nd.

2007 GWAS 2nd.

ARI: 30858817 Light Rose Gray

DOB: 9/23/06

Sire: Premier’s Absolut

Dam: Lindsey

Stud Fee $2,500 $1,200

For Sale: $4,800

CL-9 Super Nova

Super Nova has been a staple of our breeding program with ribbon winning offspring to his credit. In the fleece department, at his age as a working male, he continues to hold superb fineness. Holding a low micron fleece at a very mature age is a sign of a great breeder! At nearly ten years old his shearing yielded over 11#s total weight. His fiber stats at 9.6 years reveal: AFD 25.0, SD 4.6, CV 18.4%, CF 88.2%. At 164#s his body score is 5 (On a 1-10 scale), which categorizes him as a large male. He is considered large boned and possesses great balance and conformation. He has a correct bite to boot. Super Nova’s progeny exhibit fineness in their fleece, great bone structure and hit the ground strong and healthy. The fawn spot on his neck is why we suspect his offspring are all over the color chart. Since he was not shown, he is considered a “sleeper” in the alpaca industry.

ARI: 822891, White

DOB: 8/31/2000

Sire: PPeruvian Demetrio

DAM: CL9 Chelsea

Breed Fee:  $2,500 $1,200

For Sale $4,700


Angelica has been the co- anchor in our breeding program. She comes from a very good line of genetics and each one of her crias are strong and extremely healthy. Angelica’s last 3 crias averaged nearly .9#s weight gain per day. This one will rank very high on the EPD charts!

ARI: 1445885, Beige

DOB: 8/9/04Sire: Kodiak Bear
Dam: Lanark’s Chenille

For Sale $2,499     2 in 1


Chavah is a large boned female with a correct bite sitting in a medium sized frame. She was a great dam to her first cria and her breeding career was off to a great start. Chavah’s first cria did so well in the show ring that we felt the need to treat her to a high end breeding. We chose to breed her to XXXtreme, a we have a real eye turner in the pasture now. Chavah has been bred back to Super Nova for a late 2013 birthing.

ARI: 30917781

DOB: 11/11/2006

Sire:  Gladiator

Dam: Angelica

Due: Late 2013

For Sale $2,800 2 in 1


Dagoba is a well balanced female with a correct bite and great conformation. Her fleece is very dense. This is the kind of female alpaca to keep in your herd as the rock of your breeding program. With Legacy in her blood, she make a very good foundation dam.

ARI: 31069588, Bay Black

DOB: 9/14/2007

Sire: Okanagan’s Valafras 15EGK


For Sale $2,300   2 in 1

Melody Moon’s Queen

Queen is a Triumph daughter. Her great length of staple, medium density, large bone structure and correct bite make her the complete package. Queen is bred to Super Nova.

We are very proud to have Queen grace our pastures.

ARI: 31871396 Light Fawn

DOB: 12/23/09

Sire: Triumph

Dam: Easter Lilly

Service Sire: Super Nova

For Sale $3,900 3 in 1


Nellie has been a wonderful member of our foundation herd. Her crias have always been great self starters. In the fall of 2010 we had 2 crias born within 2 hours, Nellie’s was the second. Just for grins we were wagering which cria would be suckling first.

Nellie’s cria won!

Nellie’s cria can out run two leggers in just a couple of days.

ARI: 1243253 Dark Brown

DOB: 10/5/2004

Sire: Westward Durango

Dam: Blanco

Service Sire: Super Nova

For Sale $1,700  3  in 1

Melody Moon’s Mirimba

This girl is poised to produce winners. With Snomass Red Hot Cognac on her sire’s side we are excited about her breeding career. At this spring’s shearing, her fleece was over five inches long! Mirimba has been bred to Super Nova for a 2014 cria.

Take Mirimba home to dance across your pastures today!

ARI: 31861755 Medium Brown

DOB: 12/1/2009

Sire: Snowmass Red Hot Cognac

Dam: Blanco’s Nellie

Service Sire: Super Nova, due 1/2/2014

For Sale $3,000 2 in 1


Lindsey has produced many multi-ribbon winning offspring. She is an AOBA Nationals blue ribbon winner herself! She is worth basing an entire breeding program on and is the co-anchor of ours. Three out of four times she was bred to gray, she has produced a gray cria. She produced GWAS color champion Absolut Rose Triumph who has been putting some wonderful crias on the ground. She is currently bred to Snowmass XXXtreme, the only male alpaca to twice be named herdsire of the year at the Futurity. And What a stunning female cria she had! Lindsey has been bred back to Super Nova for a February 2014 birthing.

2002 AOBA Nationals 1st

ARI: 822389 Medium Fawn

DOB: 5/22/2000

Sire: Peruvian Felix G4562

Dam: Kathyrn The Great

Service Sire: Snowmass XXXtreme, due 2/15/12

For Sale $5,800   3 in 1

Melody Moon’s Klezmer

Klezmer is the product of one of our “solid as a rock” dams. Her fleece exhibits a tight crimp style and is medium in density. This is a great opportunity to acquire genetics which include PPeruvian Camilio and Royal Fawn. Klezmer has bred to Super Nova for a 2013 cria.

ARI: 31861786 Light Brown

DOB: 11/1/2009

Sire: Microsoft Midas

Dam: Abi

Service Sire: Super Nova, due 12/1/13

For Sale $2,500 2 in 1

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