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Grazing Alpacas

We Saw Miles and Miles of Texas
(Bob Wills)

Driftwood, Texas is located about 20 miles west of downtown Austin, Texas and only a stone’s throw from the artisan town of Wimberley and a bit further west lies Johnson City, home of the late President Lyndon B. Johnson. Driftwood is probably best known for the outstanding BBQ at the Salt Lick, just up the road. As they like to say; You Can Smell Their Pits a Mile Away. There are several wineries nearby such as Mandola’s and Driftwood Vineyards. Driftwood was settled in the late 1800s and today boasts a thriving church and post office! So, surrounded by history, rolling green hills, music, artists, and good folks, Melody Moon Ranch Alpacas is a haven for our herd of Huacaya Alpacas.

Alpacas have grown in popularity in Texas over recent years and there are now over 125 ranches with more popping up all the time. There is a world demand for the alpaca’s luxurious fleece and they are not as hard on the land as cattle or goats, plus raising a no-kill animal is a priority for us.

Home, Home on the Range
(David Guion)

Melody Moon Ranch is a happy place and home to more than just alpacas. John Pettit and I, Kathy Fulton-Pettit, share our ranch with many other critters; chickens, goats, emus, dogs, cats, goldfish and a giant African Spur Thigh Tortoise named Lightening Bolt. Of course our focus is the alpaca business and we delight in their care, breeding, shearing and watching all the babies grow. Our commitment is to raise high-quality alpacas via top quality genetics and breeding practices. We specialize in teaching and training new breeders how to enjoy a successful start for their own businesses. We learned the business by various methods, mostly by trial and fire, and feel that anyone new in the industry deserves our utmost support and communication during the first year of their own alpaca experience.

Raising alpacas is not rocket science,(thank goodness). Make no mistake, like any other business, there are start-up costs, marketing expenses, barns, pens, feed, vet issues, poop, (lots of poop) and large amounts of gratitude that we are able to spend every day living our dream. We are truly thankful for our lifestyle.

Our House is a Very, Very, Very Fine House
(Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)

One of the best parts about raising alpacas is sharing them with our visitors and clients. We host groups of all types for ranch visits, educational opportunities, Agritourism vacations, fleece projects, breeder events, training, and National Alpaca Ranch Day each September.

The best time to visit is during “baby season” when we have lots of crias (baby alpacas) playing, jumping and running in the pastures at top speeds. Melody Moon Ranch is also home to top quality herd sires from all over the country like CL9 Super Nova, a full Peruvian stud that has brought a new dynamic to our herd. We also proudly co-own Andean Pride a stellar stud whose father is Dracula, a well- known sire and one of the original imports from Peru to the US.

So c’mon over for a tall glass of sweet tea, or an ice cold Lone Star Beer; sit and watch the animals play and decide if these wonderful creatures are the right choice for your new business.

Stuff That Works
(Guy Clark)

Melody Moon Ranch LLC offers a full line of services to new breeders and experienced breeders alike. We have the stuff you need to start your own herd, increase the value of your existing herd or just spend a unique day surrounded by nature and alpacas. Please call or email us for an information packet that includes breeding services, boarding, new breeder start-up information, alpaca pricing, argitourism pricing, day visits and ranch policies. Watch for specials and package updates on our Herd page; check it out! It’s all good stuff, and “the kind of stuff you don’t hang on the wall”. Yee Haw, here’s to Mighty Fine Texas Alpacas at Melody Moon Ranch!

Grazing Alpaca

Kathy and John

Playing Crias

Girl Scouts

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